In the studio

Canvas Cloth and Bowl is the main stockist for Cast Ceramics. 

Jo Cowell handworks every aspect to create each piece sold in the CCB store; from the plaster mold which forms the shape  to the final sand for the finished bowl.  The shapes are inspired from old pudding bowls recreated through casting and the firing process.  They are high fired until  vitrified which makes them waterproof and food safe.  

Every piece is hand sanded to create a silky smooth matte finish.

Our team has tested as many potential staining foods in the pots and nothing has stained apart from Tea which seems to stain anythng.


Canvas Cloth and Bowl are pleased to be an avenue to exhibit  the work of various Australian artists.  This stock will be developing and changing.  Artwork on canvases will be small in size to keep then affordable and easy to post.    

We have begun our collection with painting and silversmith artworks.    

The artisan stock will evolve as we discover new work on our travels.   

Milk Jug

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Canvas Cloth
& Bowl

Unique in every way

Beautiful Porcelain ware with colours mixed to be enjoyed with stunning  European Linen.

The colours are hand mixed and therefore vary slightly from batch to batch, this adds to the character of your sets.  Porcelain clay will have tiny flecks sometimes, this is all normal for a handmade item.

The beauty of the porcelain is enhanced by the variations that occur in the mixing and firing of an individual item.




Mix & Match

European Linen

CCB is stocking Libeco Belgian Linen.  Libeco  linen is produced by the Belgian Linen weaving industry and passes stringent tests in order to meet the high standard of production to achieve the highest quality linen.  

CCB is also stocking table linen from the Pure Linen company in Australia.  This is also sourced from the best quality European linen producers complying to ecofriendly and safe production.

Other linen, cotton and silk textiles will be found in bed throws and scarves.  

Enjoy Being Creative

Setting the table

Enjoy the fun of finding tablecloths and napkins to set your table - indoors or out.  The porcelain bowls are coloured  to compliment the colours in the linen.  Try mixing several different colours, they will work together beautifully.

Linen is easily laundered, resists staining and can take a light iron, the creasing and crumpling adds to the appeal of a relaxed table setting.

Porcelain is tough and  will go in the dishwasher.