In the Studio with Cast Ceramics' Jo Cowell


Jo handworks every aspect to create each piece sold in the CCB store; from the plaster mold which forms the shape of a piece to the final sand for the finished ware.  

The inspiration for the shapes comes from old pudding bowls, metal pots and cups that are recreated through the casting and firing process.   


Tested by time

Every piece is hand sanded to create a silky smooth matte finish. They are high fired until vitrified which makes them waterproof and food safe.

Our team has tested as many potential staining foods in the pots and nothing has stained apart from tea which seems to stain anything.  A selection of various coloured pieces has been tested in overseas laboratories to make sure there is nothing harmful in the ware and that it is safe for food use. 

We put a great deal of care and consideration into making our wares as versatile as possible. They are dishwasher safe and perform well with cutlery.